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1. Prom Night In Center City (7:33) 7. 4222 Blues (5:53)
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Tom Larson (Stratermax/ASCAP)
Piano-Tom Larson, Tenor-Matt Wallace, Bass-Anday Hall, Bari Sax- Ted Larson.
Recorded 11/30/84
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Peter Bouffard
Trombone-Ken Hoyne, Bass-Andy Hall, Guitar-Peter Bouffard
Recorded 6/23/90
2. Straight, No Chaser (5:55) 8. The T.A. Shuffle (5:04)
Thelonious Monk, arr. Rex Cadwallader
Tenor-Matt Wallace, Trumpet-Brian Grasmick, Alto-Ed Love, Bass-Andy Hall, Piano-Rex Cadwallader
Recorded 11/9/86
Rex Cadwallader
Tenor-Ed Love
Recorded 1/28/90
3. Jose', Can You See? (7:10) 9. Suspension Bridge (7:55)
Tom Larson
Alto-Ed Love, Tenor-Matt Wallace, Percussion-Joey Gulizia, Drums-Bill Bolmeier
Recorded 2/8/86
Dave Sharp
Tenor-Dave Sharp, Bass-Andy Hall, Trombone-Ken Hoyne
Recorded 1/28/90
4. Teach Me Tonight (2:21) 10. And Cooler Near The Lake (7:04)
DePaul/Cohn, arr. Harry Betts
Vocal-Tony Gulizia, Trumpet-Michael Anderson
Recorded 9/24/89
Mark Benson
Trombone-Ken Hoyne, Tenor-Ed Love, Bass-Andy Hall
Recorded 2/28/92
5. When I Fall In Love (4:07) 11. Be Bop (10:43)
Heyman/Young, arr. Tom Larson
Vocal-Bev Jester, Alto-Dave Sharp
Recorded 5/13/90
Dizzy Gillespie, arr. Tom Clifton
Alto1-Tom Clifton, Alto 2-Dave Sharp, Tenor1-Ed Love, Tenor 2-Scott Vicroy, Drums-Dan McGlynn
Recorded 2/28/92
6. Samba De Orfeu (7:35) 12. Zzep (9:55)
Luis Bonfa, arr. Mike Helgesen
Tenor-Ed Love, Trumpet-Dean Haist, Bass-Andy Hall, Piano-Chuck Pennington, Percussion-Joey Gulizia, Drums-Greg Ahl
Recorded 9/24/89
Mark Benson
Tenor-Scott Vicroy, Piano-Tom Harvill, Trumpet-Bob krueger, Drums-Dan McGlynn
Recorded 2/28/93
13. Etude For Two Basses And Jazz Orchestra (7:00)
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Tom Larson
Electric Bass Guitar-Andy Hall
Acoustic Bass-Rusty White
Recorded 1/21-22/89

1-3 Recorded at Sound Recorders, Omaha, NE
Steve Ozaydin-Engineer

4-11 Recorded at Mastertrax, Lincoln, NE
Tom Larson-Engineer
12 Recorded & Mixed at Studio Q - Lincoln Nebraska - Tom Larson, Engineer

1993 (AMC)      American Music Corporation      AMC 1004